About Us

Since the early days in 2013, the marketplace has finally come to understand what: that ketones have significant, life-changing health benefits. In just five short years, ketone supplementation has grown to over a billion-dollar industry for dealing with weight loss, fat loss, body composition change, and other significant metabolic issues that improve overall human health.

While proud to have pioneered so many discoveries surrounding the benefits of ketones, the most significant finding is that ketones are actually the body’s preferred fuel source—NOT glucose, or sugar. This powerful discovery is paving the way for people to change their lives and finally eliminate the terrible effects of sugar, and replace it with a natural, clean-burning energy.

In addition to leading the industry in product design and intellectual property, Keto has developed a seamless ketone supply chain to ensure consistent, high-quality manufacturing practices and GRAS safety qualifications. Teaming up with Inc., was formed to develop the brand to ensure the authenticity and quality of our BHB products. During this time, retained the most efficacious technologies and formulas for exclusive use, and then began the work of developing their own brand, back